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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fall On Your Knees And Thank God This Man Was Not Elected

Transcript from MSNBC of interview of John Kerry on Meet The Press.


Michael Moore-Idiot Extraordinare

Popped over to Micky Moore's site to see what the ole faker had to say today. Amazingly, exactly what I thought he would!

In his just in section. Iraqi's start voting, attacks in two cities. The other? Violence rages on Eve of Iraq vote; 17 killed.

Instead of being able to praise and rejoice that Iraqi citizens are defying risks to their lives and the lives of their children, Michael Moore collaborator, piously wants the other moonbats with tinfoil hats to know that people are dying. Oh the angst of it all, people are actually wanting to have a say in their lives so much that they are willing to die for it. For people like Moore, the man who threatens "For the last time, we warn that tomorrow will be bloody for the Christians and Jews and their mercenaries and whoever takes part in the (election) game of America and Allawi," is the "Minutemen" not the Iraqi people.

Zarqawi calls the election a "game" and on Moore's site there is a picture of Saddam Hussain and the the words, Out through the door, in through the window. Moore sees the election as a game too. Of course that should not surprise us, he has proven himself to be not only an idiot but a collaborator of the enemy as he dupes gullible people throughout the world that what he believes has an validity at all.

Personally, I hope Moore keeps it up. Just like I hope Ted Kennedy keeps up his demented ravings. That way the American people are able to see what the Democratic party actually has become in ways that previous did not show. I know for a number of years I identified myself as a Democrat, I imagine I never will again. Everything changed after 9/11. Absolutely everything. All bets were off as the liberals went into high gear not only in collaboration with the enemy, but against the beliefs of a majority of Americans.

The Democratic party has proven to me not only are they unwilling and unable to see the threat to this country and the world, but they are also unwilling and unable to believe that there is any kind of common morality or even manners that should exist in society. The party papered over their crackups after the Age of Aquarius, but those cracks and the crackpots came apart in full force after 9/11.

At one point in time I thought that had the Democrats put up what I considered a viable candidate for election I could have voted for that person. But I was deluding myself. The Democrats that are running the party are unable and perhaps unwilling, to bring into their party any candidate that has reason or viability. As they decide who will head the DNC and it appears Howard Dean will be the winner, it is apparent to Americans like me that the party is not simply headed to the abyss, they are already there.

Democrats not racist? Think again. It is not they who have promoted people who are where they are because they are capable and bright with no regard to skin color, that has been the Republicans. The Democrats instead are doling out what is essentially a theme that keeps blacks on the plantation and hispanics unable to assimilate into society.

I have come to fully believe that if the Democrats ever gain real power again in the next ten years or more the damage that will be done to this country will take another 40 years to overcome just like the damage they did to this country in the Age of Aquarius. We are just now coming out of that. We must continue on.


The Shot Still Heard 'Round the World

God bless the Iraqi people, THEY are the true minutemen. Michael Moore be damned.

Scroll down the page to see photos

Yesterday in Gaza a gunfight broke out between Hamas and Fatah as a political rally turned violent, yet what is that sound from the left regarding this? That would be silence. Even though 3/4 of Iraqi's who could vote did and despite threats of a bloodbath only 33 died the left screams about that. Which proves Robert Fisk and ilk are still idiots.

And the Democrats wonder why people like me left them in the dust.


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Should make you weep
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Friday, January 28, 2005

Employers exceed Privacy Bounds

In Michigan two employers have decided they have the right to see what you are doing in your private life.

Weyco Inc. A health benefits administrator based in Okemos Michigan, a town that butts up next to the state Capital Lansing, has fired four employees for refusing to take a test that would determine if they smoke. The company has decided it will have only non smoking employees.
In Kalamazoo Michigan a local community college announces they will not hire anyone who smokes.
The excuse behind these incredibly egregious examples of blasting through the boundaries of an employee's private life is health care costs of smokers. I don't think anyone can dispute that smoking increases health risks and therefore the cost of health care of that person, however it is beyond the pale for an employer to have the right to dictate to an employee what they will do in their own home regarding an activity that is legal.

I find it incredibly amazing that any employer believes they can breach the bounds of privacy, talk about owing your soul to the company store!

If this is allowed to stand what could come next?

An employee required to meet the weight recommendations for their height?

Refusing to hire an obese or even moderately overweight individual?

How about those sun worshippers, including those who use tanners in the wintertime?

Controlling the amount of caffeine intake of an employee? Over consumption of caffeine impacts the heart immensely.

Shall employers opt to see how much alcohol you drink? Will it be ok to just be a social drinker? Or will one alcohol drink a day be ok? Perhaps only two? Three daily will surely be too much.

I have an idea! Companies can set up a new position, Employee Health Care Coordinator and each week every employee will be forced to take a battery of tests in front of the EMCC. That way the employer can test employees for diabetes and hypertension, thereby ensuring not only are these diseases are caught early, they can ensure that the employee is appropriately managing the diseases. Of course they will also need to distribute health questionnaires to check out what their employees are eating daily as well as whether they are practicing safe sex procedures. After all, each of these issues increase health care costs when irresponsible employees opt to engage in behavior that has a high probability of harming their health and therefore the bottom line costs of employers.



Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraq Arrests Suspected Mastermind of Bombings

Story here

Good News From Iraq


Opinion Journal

Winds of Change

Get both sides of the story.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Lawrence Summers Flap

Last week the President of Harvard University created a flap because of remarks made during a conference on women in science. He explored long work hours as one possiblity, however the remarks that caused a flap are the ones where he explored the idea that perhaps women do not have the same innate ability in science and math as men do. One of the women there that opted to get up and leave the conference said she had to do so because she would have blacked out or thrown up had she stayed.

Why it is that her remarks actually irriate me worse than Mr. Summers? Perhaps it is because she has quite simply by her own words and actions shown her inability and by extension, fair or not, that women can't handle emotions.

Before I go further let me be upfront about something. I hate math and science. One may wonder why in the world I am in nursing then. The field requires both. The science is obvious, the science of how the body works and why. The math is for dosage calculations, though by and large single dose medications has vastly reduced the need to hand figure dosage calculations, as have IV pumps for IV medication administration. However, when I went to nursing school we had to take separate math tests and dosage calculations tests and pass them with an 80% or fail out of nursing school. Having done the minimum amount of math required in high school the math tests required in nursing school gave me hives. Literally. In order to get and keep the calculations in my mind I had to study a great deal and also worked with a friend of my parents who had taught math, a man by the way.

Ultimately however, nursing is not a field of math, and it is considered a field of both art and science. Leaders of nursing have grappled with just how much of each part nursing is since nursing became a distinct profession. There are all sorts of nursing theory out there on this that will not be recounted here as even as a nurse I find it all incredibly boring with most of it being utterly useless to the practical application of nursing.

Let me then tackle the question, are women innately less capable then men in math and science? Can't say I really know but my gut reaction is what an assine questiona anyway. I believe that by and large a woman has the same brain power as a man, the real question to me is not whether a woman has the same capabilities the real question is do women have a much interest in it as men. The amount of undergraduates in similar courses that are men and women would lead one to say that on the surface yes. However, once graduated something happens. Less women pursue academic careers dedicated to these professions. It is not unreasonable to ask why, it is after all the purpose of the conference in which Mr. Summers upset so many.
Which brings me to the idea that women are not willing to put in the hours necessary once they have children. To me this brings us down to the brass tacks. Women have children, men do not. Children require much more than a simple caretaker and no matter how great a day care center may be or a nanny or even your own family who watches your children are, there is no substitute for a mother.

For myself one of my greatest regrets in becoming a nurse is the fact that the job interferes with my family life. And not just a little. The health care system cannot run without nurses. It is us that are there 24/7, a hospital is not like a factory where one can shut everything off and go home if necessary. By and large nurses outside of nursing homes work 12 hour shifts. We work midnight shifts like myself and no I do not work either 12 hour shifts nor the midnight shift because I like it so much. It simply is what it is. We work holidays and weekends, we are always there at the bedside because the patient is always there. We drive through storms with tornado warnings out, we drive through blinding snowstorms to get to work because someone has to be there to take care of the patient and we came to work sick. A nurse coming to work sick you ask, why they could give it to the patient. Yep, we could but trust me when I say calling off unless very ill is deeply frowned upon and can easily lose you a job.

Nurses across the country are FORCED into working mandatory overtime to cover shifts because there are not enough nurses out there. Just a few weeks ago in California the Gov. suspended a law that was passed some two years ago and slated to fully go into effect this January that would mandate patient to staff ratios that have been determined to be best for appropriate patient outcomes. Why? There simply are not enough nurses to fulfill those ratios. The HMO system that largely runs the healthcare system in California say it is impossible to fulfull the law, and to a large extent they are right. The problem is that if the law does not provide some relief to nurses the shortage will only get worse and a vicious cycle will be the result.

Nursing is primarily a female field, everyone knows this. Is it fair to say that men simply do not have the innate caring a woman does then? Or would it be more accurate to say that men and women have different interests based on both nature and nurture and that it would be a mistake to erase all differences between the sexes. My husband is currently taking classes so he can be certified as a mechanic and open his own business. One of the reasons he is doing this is that despite the difficulties in having a business, one has more control of their lives and that gives us the ability to be able to have family time that outside employment does not consider or give a damn about. A caring man but not one who would even consider nursing as a profession.

I would prefer to be able to have a job that allows more time for family but I am surely not going to take classes so I can work with my husband in the planned business, he talks about mechanics or his classes to me and my eyes glaze over and nearly roll back in my head. Well, I do at least attempt to hide those things since I love my husband and want him to believe I share his interest, but really I don't. Ranks right up with math and science.

Mr. Summers oops is not that he questioned the differences between the sexes, it is that he questioned whether women are as capable of brain power as men. I think he was attempting to open a dialogue regarding those differences, but worded it all in a poor fashion. Of course the hysterics of I thought I would throw up or pass out didn't do much either. Get a grip. When this woman holds the brains of a vehicle accident victim in her hands like I have once then she might, and I stress might, have cause to throw up or pass out. But someone who thinks they are going to pass out or throw up because of words and doesn't have enough sense to keep that to herself only perpetuates the idea that women are some fragile emotional creature incapable of dealing with the rough and tumble that life is.

Her hysterical finger pointing of Look! sexual bias really is the reason women lag behind men in some areas make me more angry than the ill conceived words of Mr. Summer. It is my guess, and just a guess, that were the career fields being discussed more friendly to family orientation than there would likely be more women in the profession. I think it is ludicious to attempt to engineer society based on what some wish were human attibutes instead of what they are. Men and women are different, women do cut back on work time or hours after having children and instead of attempting to put a round peg into a square hole, why does it seem impossible to change aspects of society so that women are able to have children and also to have a career that allows them to use the brain power that they have?

Feminsts will explain that is all men's fault too. Patriarical society yada yada yada. What they refuse to recognize is that they have put women into the need to make choices between career and family. By insisting that women be like men they have tied the hands of women throughout the country. News flash! Millions of women do not want to be men. Instead of pressing for institutions that make room for child rearing, feminism has done a grave disservice to not only women but the men who have children as well. They also have done a grave disservice to American families and the fabric of American society. By focusing on the remarks of Lawrence Summers that have to do with whether women have less innate ability than men, instead of his remarks regarding the unwillingness of women to sacrifice children on the altar of career so called feminists again miss the boat. Of course they built a leaky boat from the beginning by insisting that women behave like men in order to be successful.

My husband has taken steps that will allow this family more flexibility to raise our children without interference from a corporate, after he has completed his educational requirements our intention is for me to take steps to do the same. For the vast majority of my nursing career I have taken jobs that allowed me to spend the time I needed with my children. That often meant I was working in Long Term Care or nursing homes in laymans terms, something I did not enjoy that vast majority of the time. Not the patients mind you, but the reality that Long Term Care does not provide enough staff or enough resources to actually take care of those patients appropriately. In time those lack of resources drove me from that aspect of nursing, and I currently work the 12 hour night shifts with one day a week of overtime meaning I work 12 hour nights 4 times a week in order to get my husband and oldest son through college. Like millions of Americans we have been forced to realize that it is the rare corporate that gives a damn about your family life or your children. No matter what wonderful platitudes they offer. If that ever changes it will be much more possible for various institutions and corporate structures to take advantage of the brains and abilities that women offer, until then millions of women will opt out in favor of what is more important to them.

And institutions will lose the brain power that could be vitally important to them. What a shame this all gets missed in some innane conversation about whether women are as bright as men.


Will the Modern Democratic Party go the Way of The Federalists?

The modern Democratic party is on a collusion course with history. Failing to understand history and the character of the American people, they may very well go the way of the one time powerful Federalist party. The parties name will likely remain the same, but without some true soul searching of what the party can deliver to the American people, their power and influence may very well wane to the point that they are todays Federalists.

It is not that todays Democratics have similiar politics, though there are some. It is primarily that the party is making some of the same missteps of the Federalists.

The Federalists rose as one of the first political parties in the world along with their opposition, the Democratic Republican's in the early days of the Republic. It was the Federalists lead in great part by Alexander Hamilton that pressed for a new Constitution and a strong Federal Government to replace the weak Confederation Government. The Federalists recognized that in order for the United States to be a viable country a strong central government was necessary. Not actually recognized as a party yet, those who were like minded regarding central government worked together to not only get the Constitution ratified, they worked diligently to place power from the states into the Federal government during George Washington's first term. It was during that first term that the beginnings of each new political party can be seen. The Federalists with Hamilton as its head and the Democratic Republicans with Thomas Jefferson as the head of that faction.

We owe much of the function and form of American government to the Federalists of that time. They strengthened the country with the policies that came about allowing a central government to have the necessary authority to shape a new country. By the late 1790's however the party began to emerge under new issues and new conditions.

The party drew it's main strength for ideological and sometimes other reasons, from those who wished to have a very strong central government. Like todays Democratic party it's main backers came from the commercial Northeast. While the party strengthened the central government, something that many on the opposition understood as necessary, the style of the Federalists was often elitist and there was a fear of too much power in the hands of the people. The murderous excesses of the French Revolution served to increase that fear and to harden some into the belief that the Federal Government must not allow too much power to those that were considered uneducated and unschooled.

Though the Federalists did have some strong backing in area's of Virginia and in North Carolina it was not enough to win John Adams a second term. The parties inability to broaden its social appeal and geograpic base is in great part what did the party in.

That inability was based directly on the party being unable to change with the times. It's earlier policies of strong central government brought the young country stability and helped steer us politically through the turmoil generated by the French Revolution. However the very success of their policies also led the leaders of the party to fail to understand the needs and considerations of yeoman farmers not only in the south but also in the rural areas of other states.

After John Adams was elected and the Federalists gained control of both houses of Congress, Adams signed into law the ill advised Alien and Sedition Act. Done while under the threat of war with France and designed to further strengthen the Federal Government, it was also intended to quell political opposition being led by Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic Republicans who favored France and not Britian in the war that France had declared on European countries following their Revolution. Fearing the often popular support of the American people for France, it was thought it was possible for mob violence to break out in America as it had France. Not an unreasonable fear given the times and the fact that Jacobin clubs were being formed in various cities across the United States.

However, the heavy hand of the Federalists in implementing the Alien and Sedition Act drove many Americans who were outside of the political elite into the arms of Jeffersons Democratic Republicans. The last of these acts declared that any treasonous act including the publication of "any false, scandalous and malicious writing," was a high misdemeanor. Punishable by fine and imprisionment. This legislation led to the arrest of twenty five men, most of them editors of Repulican newspapers, and forcing the newspapers out of business.

One of those arrested was the grandson of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin Bache. Editor of the Aurora, a Democratic Republican paper. Charged with libeling President Adams the arrest resulted in an overwhelming outcry from the American people against all of the Alien and Sedition Acts, and likely led near directly to the election of Thomas Jefferson. A heavy handed Federal Government dictating what one should not only say but think is never going to win popular support, highlighted even at this early date.

Now in a minority the partys strength was primarily in the northeast states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Delaware. The south was lost. The ill conceived trade embargo of 1807 by Thomas Jefferson revived the party for a short time, but again it's main strength was in the northeast bringing in New York, New Jersey and parts of Maryland during the 1808 Presidental election of 1808, the only southern state that went to the Federalists was North Carolina. Unable to gain enough votes the election went to Madison.

During Madison's Presidency the War of 1812 broke out. Widely unpopular in the Commercial Northeast the Federalist party held a convention in Hartford 1814. The meetings were held in secret. The New England states had refused to surrender their state militias to national service, even when New England was threatened with invasion. Prior to the convention Federalist extremists had contemplated making a separate peace between New England and Great Britian. A proposel to secede from the union was discussed but rejected. The vast majority of Americans saw this activity as treasonous, and the convention as well as the Federalists became the object of ridicule.

The early Federalist party policies though fitting for a young nation in tenurous times, the party inability to accommandate rising popular democratic spirit made the party unpopular with the majority of Americans, coupled with its obstruction and near treasonous activity during the War of 1812 sealed the Federalists fate. Though it lingered on for a few more years by 1820 the party was dead.

The policies of the Federalists during Washingtons and Adams administrations set the foundation for the government of this country. Yet its inability to hear and listen to those outside of its party geographic base made the party irrelevent in continuing American history. The comparison to the Modern Democratic Party should not be missed. Todays Democrats find their base of support primarily in the northeast, are often seen as the party of elites by middle class Americans, and the party has been obstructionist in the ongoing War on Terrorism. Let us not forget the recent yammerings of those who identify themselves as Democrats stating they should secede from the union or perhaps better yet move.

If the Democratic party is unable to tune itself into the "yeoman" of today, it is likely they will find themselves the irrelevent opposition party for many years to come. The rise of the modern Democratic party can be traced back to FDR who put into place necessary policies that were of great import to the country at the time, but if unable to move with the new times and new needs it becomes like the Federalist party of old. The Republican party did the same at one time and banished itself from American life for many years.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of it all is that the American people understand our needs and the needs of the country much quicker and easier than do political parties or their leaders. As a country we should marvel at the genius of the Constitutional Republican government hammered out by the founders. With its complicated checks and balances it keeps the follies of extreme party and extreme leaders from doing harm to the country and its people precisely by giving ultimate power to the people of this country.

Time will tell if the Democrats know their history or not.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Persecuted Under Hate Crime Legislation

In October Philadelphia hosted a gay parade called Outfest.

Eleven people from a Christian group called Repent America also came to the parade. They didn't stay long however, they were arrested and hauled away.

The crime? Carrying banners with bibical text on them and shouting Christian beliefs through a bullhorn. They were rapidly surrounded by a group of hostile parade goers calling themselves Pink Angels. The Pink Angels attempted to shout down the Christian eleven, using obsence language along with it, blowing whistles in the ears of the eleven and surrounded them with about 500 people. The confrontational approach of the Pink Angels however was stopped by the arrest of the eleven Christians.

Any totalitarian Despot would be so very proud!

The charges were: criminal conspiracy, possession of instruments of crime, reckless endangerment of another person, ethnic intimidation, riot, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, and obstructing highways.

Ethnic intimidation? Since when did gay become an ethnic group?

The ethnic intimidation charge was apparently made available through Pennsylvania's Ethnic Intimidation and Institutional Vandalism Act-Pennsylvania's hate crime legislation, with the newest victim catagory added of sexual orientation. Shades of Sweden appear.

Instruments of crime? Are banners something you can use in a crime spree? Perhaps it was the bullhorns, I suppose one could smash another person with it.

Ten of the eleven spent 21 hours in jail, the last person spent 13 hours in juvenile detention because she is 17 years old.

None of the Pink Angels were either cited or arrested.

In December a court hearing was held on the charges. Six of the adults had charges dropped. The teenager did not have the charges dropped.

The four men charged are Michael Marcavage, Mark Diener, James Cruse, and Dennis Green. The lone teenage girl charged is Lauren Murch.

By all appearances each of the individuals charged are committed to vocal street ministry. Lauren's father founded an Operation Rescue group, had all of his nine children born at home and schooled at home. Each are more extreme in expressing their beliefs then I am by far. From my personal standpoint I would be uncomfortable with the way they express their personal and religious beliefs. That said, they did not check their citizenship rights at the door because of them.

Fanny Price, an organizer of the event stated "We have a right to a party."

In my world if you choose to have a party on the street then you also have to abide by the same Constitution that allows you to have your "party". And that means you have to put up with people shouting bibical text and calling you to repent what they believe is immoral and unGodly behavior. If you don't wish to do that, then have your party at a private location, paid for with the money of those who intend on attending. As it is a public "party" is paid for by the taxpayer, if nothing else then by paying for the police that have to come out for these types of events.

A right of public gatherings of like minded people does not give you a right to be "protected" against speech you do not wish to hear. I recall a case of many years ago when the ACLU went to court to ensure a group of Nazi's in full regalia were allowed to march in a Jewish neighborhood. But is the ACLU protecting the rights of these Christians to be loud and present at a gay event? NO. Instead the remaining people charged are being represented by the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy.

At this point those charged face up to 47 years in Prison.

Someone claiming to be a member of the ACLU left this message on the Repent America Website, whose president is Michael Marcavage, per WorldNetDaily.

"As a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and a Unitarian-Universalist, I am committed to your suffering the maximum penalty the law will give you. And I will take particular delight knowing your families and loved ones will suffer, too.
"You know my address and my phone if you cowardly bottom-feeders want to come out to where I live and settle this. Bring your god with you. You will need all the help you can get."

So much for the hallowed tolerance the liberal left goes on about. And in that vein, the Prosecutor of the case, Charles Ehrlich, characterized the defendents as hateful during the preliminary hearing in December and the bibical text used as hateful. One can only think the judge in the case agreed since the case has gone forward instead of being thrown out. The words that millions of Americans live by and teach their children by are hateful because they clash morally with what gay individuals believe.

The same sort of people who supposedly extol tolerance are not tolerant to those who hold other viewpoints. One cannot express this enough. I have never been a fan of the far Christian right, and never thought to see myself being a cheerleader for those inside that group. That said, it is important to understand something. This case is not about what views this group of people hold, it is about the law. The Constitution allows for those who term themselves gay to hold a "party" on the street, it does not guarantee they have the right to have everyone agree with them. Those who were preaching do not have the right to have everyone agree with them either. They do however have the same rights as the gay Outfest party goers. And that is the right to freely assemble and express their beliefs.

The defendents in this case were on the sidewalk, no obstruction was taking place until they were surrounded by some 500 people who disagreed with them and their presence. The defendents were not physically attacking anyone, they were not calling for American citizens to murder the participants of the street gathering. They were not calling for new laws that would have homosexuals rounded up and placed into concentration camps.

How is it that protesters can show up at the Presidental "street party" and be loud, crass, carry banners and signs with slogans on them, throw snowballs at the Presidental vehicle and fight with police but all that is supposed to be ok yet eleven not hundreds show up at a gay pride "street party" with a bullhorn used to cite bibical text and banners with the same are not? The liberals should not be given a pass on this. They don't get to have it both ways.

There is a correct belief that my morality or other Christians morality do not belong in other people's bedrooms. I have no qualms with that. It is my belief that other people morals are between them and God, as long as it does not involve harming another individual or break the law and I am not talking about morality laws that involve two consenting adult individuals here. I believe people have a the right to privacy enshirned into law in this country. However, as soon as you take that private behavior into the public sphere you lose the right to not have your behavior commented on or even protested. Keep your pieces parts out of public view and then you don't run the risk of those hateful Christians protesting your display of those pieces parts and what you do with them. Want me to be respectful of your lifestyle? Then be respectful of mine. Once upon a time that was called good manners.

As long as those on the liberal divide of the political spectrum are willing to shove their "lifestyle" in the faces of those who do not wish to have it placed into their faces, then expect the private lifestyle of those who oppose to be on display as well.


How Many Liberals Does It Take To Win A War?

How many Liberals does it take to win a war?

How many of you Liberals does it take to win a war?
Well how the hell can we tell? You won’t fight one anymore.
You say that you support the troops, but the truth’s plain as your face,
You’d pull us from the battle, march us home in full disgrace.
You’ve no stomach for the fighting, got no mettle, got no pluck;
If you ran this war on terror, we’d be a very well plucked duck.
The wolves of Jihad smell your dread, can smell your craven breath,
And emboldened by the fear they scent, lust for our bloody death.

“But wait,” you protest piously , “We are fighters for the poor.”
Might we suggest you start to fight, before wolves come through the door?
Do you think they’ll still believe in you, your poor, your gays, your blacks,
When the wolves run wild among them, sinking fangs into their backs?
Think then that they’ll be caring, when they’re counting out their dead,
We inflict pain on a captive wolf to learn what’s in his head?
Do you really think, you bleeding hearts, when they bleed in scarlet torrents,
They’ll care we cage the savage wolves, search lairs without signed warrants?

For years we watched your “feel good” courts defang our criminal laws,
Handcuff our police, give felons rights, espouse the criminals’ cause.
Felonious wolves were freed to prey, and we suffered their wild rages
Till “thinking” men took back the courts, put the wolf packs back in cages.
With your same old clueless “feelings” you now decry this war;
And with your same old fuzzy logic, common sense you still ignore.
We must look into “root causes” and we must try to “feel their pain;”
Pardon if our eyes start rolling, at your same old lame refrain.

It’s hard to fathom whence you come, perhaps some flawed eugenics,
That begets utopian pessimists, sires optimistic cynics.
Thanks be the power to rule the land remains beyond your means;
A regime of yours, would be like, no doubt, being ruled by pimpled teens.
Your quixotic quest for a world love nest, denies some truths quite real,
Like the need to have some “thinking” folks to preserve your right to “feel.”
Abhorring blood on your own hands, there’s a hard truth you’ve ignored,
Someone else must take your plowshare, and beat it back into a sword.

So how many of you Liberals does it take to win a war?
Or is there simply nothing you believe worth fighting for?
How is it that you’ve never learned, like most when they grow older,
That appeasing badness is a bad idea, only makes the bad guys bolder.
Has your fear of spilling human blood made you Jihad’s useful fools,
Ignoring that their wolf packs never fight within the rules?
By your demand we stay our hand, you weaken and you bind us;
Forcing us to fight off wolf attacks with that hand tied behind us.

So we bend some rules, in war you fools; so what? Show some respect,
When it’s your fuzzy-headed “feelings” “thinking” men fight to protect.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne DivisionVietnam 65-66