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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Terrorism links in Michigan-annual bridge walk

3 men of Middle Eastern descent have been arraigned in Caro Michigan on terrorist charges after authorities found them in possession of approximately 1000 cell phones, which may be used to detonate improvised bombs. It is being reported that authorities are concerned the Mackinac Bridge was a target.

What most outside Michigan are not going to know is that over Labor Day weekend Michigan has an annual bridge walk. The bridge is partially closed to motor traffic and those that wish to do so walk the bridge, which spans 5 miles connecting the Upper and Lower Penisula's. If you follow that link note how many people participate. This is something my husbands family has done for a number of years, and something that we planned on doing with them this year.

So far there is no indication as to what makes authorities believe that the Mackinac was targeted, it is simply knowing that the bridge walk is coming up and how many thousands are on that bridge is what made me connect the two. If these three men are not terrorists, not to mention the other two recently arrested in Marietta Ohio that are from the Dearborn area, all I can say is that they are fairly stupid people doing what they are doing.



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