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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just who is writing about the cell phone boys in the Detroit Free Press

I think it is always good to put things into perspective.

The Majority of articles on the cell phone boys have been written by Niraj Warikoo, being the curious sort I wondered who he was and how he writes.

The answer? A bit of fearmongering on his part. I actually find it nearly unbelieveable this ended up in the paper.

Please note this is a google cache, but it is an article from the Detroit Free Press, written by the same individual who is trying to convince us the cell phone boys are really just kids trying to make a buck.

Hey, Niraj not asking for anybody to be rounded up and put in concentration camps just asking for the Muslim community to understand the rules apply to them as much as it does to the rest of the country. Including not buying items in bulk that can be used to blow up multitudes.



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