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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just tourists, really!

The boys from Texas buying umpteen cell phones are apparently just regular tourists taking pictures of the Mighty Mac, cause it's just so freaking awesome and all.

The Michigan State police did a press conference a couple days ago letting all of us Michiganders know that all was well, that contrary to earlier reports there was no threat to the Mackinac Bridge, yes, they had pictures but then so does everybody that sees the bridge.

As my husband and I watched the press conference on Channel 8 Wood TV out of Grand Rapids I joked around saying since these guys had receipts from stores in Wisconsin must be they came to Michigan through the Upper Penisula, then down across the bridge where they stopped to take tourist pictures to bring back to the family in Texas, and then continued on to a little town near Bad Ax. Just taking a tour of the beauty of Michigan while buying a 1000 or so cell phones that can be used as detonators for bombs.

Next day that is just what showed up in the Detroit Free Press. (near the bottom)

And what the heck, its all just good business.

Apparently the kind of business that is needed to jump start Michigan's economy, and according to the writer of this drivil, to not embrace his thinking means one is a fearmonger or an xenophobic.

What Mr. Dickerson seems to be having trouble understanding himself is this. It is not immigrants per se that are the problem, it is immigrants who cannot leave behind the norms of the culture they came from and assimulate into the culture that is already here. Once upon a time this was an expected thing from immigrants, today to have that expectation is to be labeled a racist, a nativist, xenophobic, a fearmonger and last but not least, a Nazi.

It is not inappropriate to believe that those who come to my country should follow the laws and cultural norms of said country. Just what kind of business thrives by buying stock from retail instead of wholesale, marks it up and sells it through a "distributor" without even the basic items that come with it, such as a charger for the phones or even an intact package. Simply on the face of it this none of this makes sense from a business perspective. It does make complete sense if one realizes that people operating outside of the law can use these phones that are untraceable and untrackable to do whatever illegal deeds they are doing and are likely to pay good money to remain undetected, apparently very good money since it would be far cheaper for anyone who wants one of these phones to buy them at Walmart AND get the charger with intact packaging.

Currently terrorism primarily relates to people who have a particular religion. It is ludicious to pretend otherwise. To state the arrests of those in Caro Michigan and Marietta Ohio is simply motivated by racism is to live in a world where reality does not exist. A world where the Mafia has no connection to those of Italian descent, where the IRA was not a Catholic based terrorist, and where when the American Communist Party was formed in 1921 the majority of its members were English speaking Americans. In the real world where most of us live the Mafia is certainly connected to those who hailed from Italy once upon a time, the IRA is a Catholic terrorist group committed to killing Protestants and the still thriving Communist Party in America was initially made up of nearly all foreigners with only 10% of its members able to speak English. Mr. Dickerson your socialist slip is showing.

The two boys from Dearborn that had been held in Ohio on terrorist charges are home which is very kindly illustrated in this piece from the Detroit Free Press. Just regular kids out to make a buck, what could be more American than that? After all its just common business practice of Arab American businessmen to load up on various things and resell them. Personally I think they would do much better if they bought in bulk from wholesalers, but maybe I didn't learn the same economics as they did.

This activity is also culturally normal for the Muslim community, it is nonetheless still illegal here. There is a reason only three TRAC phones can be purchased at one time, and it is not all terrorist related, but still is illegal activity. I don't believe we should encourage either of them.

It is worth noting there is strong support for Hezbelloh in Dearborn, just as there was once strong support for the IRA in Catholic circles in Ireland as well as in some areas of America. It is worth noting that in 1916 the IRA had what was called the Easter Rising, that the weapons for that were supplied by Germany, than at war with England, and that it was done under the auspices of a leading Human Rights Campaigner, Sir Roger Casement. Those weapons did not make it to the IRA, but not because of the want of trying. 90 years later we have the same situation, different religions. Hezbelloh is supplied by a foreign government that wishes to use proxies against its enemy, the terrorist group is supported by those that deem themselves people just fighting for human rights. During WWII, the pro-German leanings of the IRA are well documented. There is in fact, a great deal of fellow traveling between those who are Nationalist and those who are Socialist, the Nazi's being the most prominent. Yes, Virginia, the Nazi's were socialists, just not socialists who were communists. And the Arab Muslims hatred of Israel and its inhabitants are rooted in Arab Nationalism, with intimate ties to the Nazi's at one time.

The reality is it is not those who want the truth of the terrorist situation recognized who are the Fascists/Nazi's. It is those who seek to cover up the truth who are the Fascists.

To understand this situation it is imperative to understand the history of socialism. The Fascists/Nazi's and the Communists were branches off the same socialist tree. One grew to the left, one grew to the right. But the roots for both were socialism. It is often noted that Hezbelloh runs various social services for the people of Lebanon, well so did the Nazi's for the Germans, in fact the Nazi's deliberatedly removed a great many social services from the Lutheran church and into the Nazi orbit instead. Just take a look at the early structure of the Nazi's previous to their take over of power and the structure of Hezbelloh and Hamas. The Nazi's were a state within a state. In today's language they would be militants operating to give care and sustanance to a German people who were completely downtrodden by the German losses in WWI, and the Jewish bankers. Turn that same thing into the whine heard from throughout the Muslim world. The various terrorist groups are simply militants seeking to redress the wrongs inflicted on a Muslim world by Imperialists, and of course the Jews. Listen to the rants of Hitler and tell me you cannot hear his echo in the speeches of today's Muslim terrorists as they seek to excuse their nationalist behavior because "their people" have been so badly treated.

It is not normal business practices to buy items from a retailer in bulk to resell elsewhere for profit. It is to a wholesaler one would look to if one truly intended on making a decent profit. However if one wished to hide what one was doing, buying multiple items that can be used for various illegal enterprises, it would only make good sense to not buy in bulk where it can be noted easily, but instead to buy just enough under in various small communities around the country and to make a profit from those who are willing to pay well to have said items without an easy trace.

So just regular tourists my ass. Maybe not terrorists, but not all around aw shucks good boys either. And it ain't the Baptists threatening to blow airplanes out of the sky.



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