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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bobby Muller leader of Vietnam Veterans against the War, and John Kerry. Today

The above link will take you to the official John Kerry Blogspot. I do this to make clear that Bobby Muller is actively campaigning for John Kerry today, and I do this to further point out that the group Muller heads, Allliance for Security, in conjunction with Rock the Vote-sent out 640,000 bogus draft emails designed to do nothing more than to frighten young voters and presumably to push them to Kerry.

Muller is the leading voice of something called Tour of Duty
Is the draft inevitable?
What are the consequences of a foreign policy based on preemption?
What lessons have we learned from Vietnam?

Join AFS founder and Vietnam veteran Bobby Muller in addressing the questions that are critical to the future of our international security. Bobby's Tour of Duty this fall will engage college students and communities across America in a national dialogue. Sign up today!

Mr. Muller is also featured in the film "Going Upriver" Described as "KERRY'S APOCALYPSE NOW!

As recently as Oct. 5th Muller confronted John O'Neill author of "Unfit for Duty" at a book signing event.
CHICAGO - (KRT) - The battle over John Kerry's Vietnam War record flared up in Chicago Tuesday, when members of a fledgling group that supports the Democratic presidential nominee confronted the author of an anti-Kerry book at a downtown luncheon.
At one point, the bickering became so intense that organizers called in police. No arrests were made, but the book signing and speech, sponsored by the City Club of Chicago, was punctuated with sharp exchanges between author John O'Neill and members of a group called
Several members of the group accused O'Neill of lying in his best-selling book, "Unfit for Command," in which O'Neill says Kerry exaggerated his service record.
"My book was the truth," O'Neill said after the luncheon. "I'm thrilled that they could bring people in and find not one single thing that was wrong with the book."
Debate over Kerry's service has raged since May, when O'Neill and other members of a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth came forward to challenge key portions of Kerry's record.
This summer the Swift Boat group began running commercials in battleground states - ads that have been credited with damaging Kerry's presidential campaign. When O'Neill's book was released in August, it became a best seller.
Members of said they organized to challenge O'Neill's claims that Kerry did not deserve his three Purple Hearts or military awards. Several members of the group, including Rich McCann, served with Kerry in Vietnam.
"It's time for us to bury Vietnam," McCann, of Cleveland, said before the City Club event. "It's time for us to move on to other issues."
But Kerry's Vietnam record was the only issue debated during O'Neill's visit, and tempers flared before the book signing portion at the Chicago Athletic Association on Michigan Avenue was completed.
As O'Neill autographed books for admirers, veteran Bobby Muller approached in his wheelchair, shook the author's hand, then asked repeatedly if O'Neill would debate him on Kerry's record.
After the two bickered for a few moments, O'Neill's wife, Anne, intervened, telling Muller to stop while nudging him away in his wheelchair.
"Tell her about the wreath you laid on Ho Chi Minh's grave," O'Neill said derisively, apparently in reference to a 1981 trip Muller made to Vietnam as a representative of the Vietnam Veterans of America, a group he formed in 1978 with Kerry.
A representative for Muller said the 1981 trip was part of an effort to get information on POWs and MIAs, and that Vietnamese soldiers, not Muller, laid the wreath at the gravesite.
"Come on, open it up, John," Muller told O'Neill. "Stop ducking me. Let's go head to head. Let's debate."
Organizers called in security and threatened to throw Muller out, but he was allowed to stay for the luncheon. Several times during O'Neill's speech, Kerry supporters in the audience jeered or shouted "that's not true" as O'Neill laid out the basis of his book.
Later when former Swift Boat captain and Kerry supporter Skip Barker asked a question, O'Neill dismissed him and others as Democratic Party plants.
Jim Wasser of Kankakee, who served with Kerry, said he joined the new group in part because he felt O'Neill and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were unfairly damaging the reputations of the men who served with Kerry.
"When you're lying, you're lying," Wasser said before the luncheon. "That's why we're drawing a line in the sand today."
© 2004, Chicago Tribune.

After going to the site I find that these are people who are going after the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. Imagine that, Bobby Muller, longtime friend of John Kerry disrupting and jeering O'Neill at a book signing. And of course attaching O'Neill to Nixon, which obviously makes him a Republican operative. Remember from my previous post regarding Kerry and Muller that Muller was one of a handful of protestors who showed up at the "Kerry Lied" Rally in September held in Washington DC. On July 31 of this year Muller was a speaker at Iraq Veterans against the War, where he stated the media does not tell the truth and urged participants to use the internet. Perhaps by sending phony draft emails?

On July 21, 2004 Mr. Muller was a speaker at the National 2004 Veterans for Peace Convention at which he expressed fear that the Bush administration is poised to send US Troops into Saudi Arabia to protect the monarchy.

In March he was speaking at a teach in (if that is not a throw back to the 70's) for veteransforcommonsense.
Scroll to the end and see who the sponsers are. And Yes Vietnam Veterans against the War are still quite active in today's anti-war activity. And Bobby Muller seems to be everywhere when it comes to anti-war activity, and it is very important to understand he is overtly campaigning for John Kerry, one could say so are a number of old Vietnam Vets. But what one of them began their anti-war activity with John Kerry and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, what one of them co-founded a Vietnam Veterans group with John Kerry, the only group that has a congressional charter, what one of them has people connected to John Kerry for President donating money to his Foundation, what one of them is consistantly using fear of a draft to help push young voters into Kerry's camp, even after the vote to not reimpose the draft?

From a news release from Rock the Vote-Alliance for Security
This is not a hoax. Congress voted tonight on the military draft. The vote was nearly unanimous against the draft. But does that mean that the issue is settled? Not in the least. This is not a partisan issue, clearly. All of Congress voted to oppose the draft. Not because we need a draft today, but because we need a real debate about whether one might be needed soon. A generation that may indeed be called to service deserves more than this. Any Member of Congress who votes against this bill should be able to explain how they would avoid a draft if a full-scale civil war erupts in Iraq or if we must take military action against Iran, North Korea, or another identified threat. See below for a statement released today by Rock the Vote and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation/Alliance for Security.

Bobby Muller, mouthpiece for John Kerry.



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