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Saturday, October 16, 2004

John Kerry, the Draft and the threads of 1971

"With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft. Because if we go it alone, I don't know how you do it with the current overextension" of the military, Kerry said.

In 1971 John Kerry was a member of the Vietnam Veterans against the War, I think the vast majority of those who have taken the time to really look at the presidental candidates know this. Of course much of what caused anger against the war in Vietnam was the draft. One could do a post regarding the various people who were leaders in the VVAW but I would prefer to focus on just one.

Bobby Muller.

In early 1971 Bobby Muller helped found Vietnam Veterans against the War. Mr. Muller enlisted into the Marines while a senior at Hofstra University in 1967, by September of 1968 he was a combat LT. leading a Marine Platoon. Eight months into his tour he was wounded, and he came home paralyzed, forever to live his life from a wheelchair. By late 1971 he was making appearances at rallies. It was through the Vietnam Veterans against the War that he meant John Kerry. Both became leading activists for the VVAW.

In 1972 Bobby Muller along with Ron Kovic (of Born on the 4th of July fame) heckled Richard Nixon from the floor of the Republican National Convention by chanting "Stop the bombing, stop the war" until they were ejected from the hall.

Later Bobby Muller and John Kerry would leave the VVAW, though for what specific reasons I have been unable to find. One imagines that being leaders of a group that had a meeting where it was discussed as appropriate to assassinate pro war politicians may have led them to conclude it was no longer appropriate to continue with that group. Makes you want to shake your head and say "You Think?"

Later Bobby Muller was to go on to co-found Vietnam Veterans of America, the other founder is John Kerry. From John Kerry's own internet campaign site.
When he returned home, he became a spokesman for Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and later co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America.
John Kerry remains a life time member of this group.

Later Bobby Muller again formed another offshot group, again I am unable to locate the reasons for this. He is now the President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.There is a slight difference in dates regarding the founding of VVA(1978 or 1979)but both Bobby Muller and John Kerry are cited as founding members of Vietnam Veterans of America. It is the only congressionally chartered Vietnam Veterans organization. And it is the offshot of VVA that Bobby Muller is now President of.

When Vietnam Veterans held a rally in Washington DC in September against John Kerry one of a handful to show up as supporters for Kerry was Bobby Muller. Bobby Muller remains a supporter of John Kerry, why should he not be, they come from the same politics, then and now.
An offspring of Bobby Muller Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation is another group called the Alliance for Security. Recently fake draft emails were sent out to 640,000 thousand people from Rock the Vote and Alliance for Security. This is the text of that email.
This is not a real draft, but a real one may happen soon if the current situation doesn't improve.
As it is, our military is stretched almost to the breaking point trying to maintain troop levels in Iraq and around the world. If Pakistan, North Korea or other nations begin to pose new military threats, how would we expect to meet the demand for troops?
Did you know that:
* It would only take two to three days for Congress and the President to authorize a draft and set the Selective Service System's plans in motion?
* Twenty-year-olds would be the first to be inducted?
* Women are very likely to be included in the next draft?
It's up to us to educate ourselves. In the event of a draft, we won't have much time to form an opinion. And with just 34 days left until the election and only a few days left before many state registration deadlines, we need to take a stand now by registering to vote:
Copy this URL into your web browser to get the facts about a potential draft, and to find out what you can do:
Sincerely,Rock The VoteandAlliance For Security

Bobby Muller, cofounder with John Kerry of Vietnam Veterans of America , still good friend of John Kerry was caught sending fake draft emails through his Vietnam Veterans of America front group Alliance for Security. Both groups are intimately linked.

If you go to the Alliance for Security website-
then you to can send a fake draft notice to your friends, courtesy of Bobby Muller.

Here is a list of some who contributed to Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
Bagley, Nicole L3/16/2004 $2,000.00Washington, DC 20016Vietnam Veterans of America Founda/ -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Muller, Robert O3/26/2003 $2,000.00Washington, DC 20009Vietnam Veterans of America Founda/ -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Terzano, John F3/26/2003 $1,000.00Alexandria, VA 22308Vietnam Veterans of America Founda/ -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Richard F12/22/2003 $1,000.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Richard F12/22/2003 $1,000.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Richard F12/30/2003 $250.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Richard F2/25/2004 $250.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Richard Frank9/30/2003 $300.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC
Weidman, Rick1/16/2004 $250.00Silver Spring, MD 20910Vietnam Veterans Of America/Advocat -[Contribution]JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC

There's more but it becomes very redundent. Complete list here

Now the only people who have purposed a draft have been democrats, the bill was voted down in the last week with even the man who wrote it voting against it. One would think this is now a dead issue, but apparently John Kerry, self righteous demagoue screeching about Republican Fear Mongoring, feels it necessary to continue squealing about a draft. And his friend Bobby Muller as well as nonpartisan Rock the Vote were happy to help spread fear to young people who often look no further to ascertain the reality of the situation. It is also notable that some of the rock stars who are participating in Rock the Vote have helped with Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, highlight Bruce Springsteen. There are threads that pull Bobby Muller, the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, Alliance for Security, Rock the Vote and John Kerry all together. And they all are using the fear of a draft to attempt to elect a man that spit on his fellow vets as well as the military in general.

It's so good to have friends, especially the one who helped you build your political career on a web of slander and lies against the people you were purporting to help. Apparently that worked out for Kerry so well the same tactics will continue. Let's raise a glass to long term friendship!

For over thirty years these two men have been involved together in activities that are clearly anti-war. Through the Vietnam Veterans against the War they successfully likened their fellow vets as akin to Genghis Khan's army and today they team together to fan the flames of a non existant draft.

John Kerry's Vietnam experience and his later anti-war activities are very relevent today, as are his continuing connection to a man who helped found the group used to defame all Vietnam Vets. It matters because John Kerry makes it continue to matter. He cannot get out of 1971, and knowing that the draft was perhaps the biggest galvanizer against the Vietnam War seeks to recreate those same days using today's children to further his political aims.

Willing to use your children and mine, for reasons no different than his use of Vice Presidents Cheney's daughter. The lust for political power.



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