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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Yea! My first hate email

Opened up my email today and what should appear? But a rambling rant from someone that I addressed on a comment section a weblog regarding the Kerry lied rally. (See that post) Because of this individual's style he was banned from commenting further. I guess that really pissed him off.
I post the entire email here to show the mentality of some of the people that are willing to go to the mat for John Kerry. And for a good laugh.

1 We do not take $hit from those who lie because they are upset withpolitical stances - we give back in spades2 Barnes in the Texas Vet ad IS a front for Demsand so are the GOP office holders who go by title of COngressman!
3 We did not hear about 4 months until the SBV started their lies!
3 Lie agasin form you - Kerry did not make sweeping accusations againstEVERY member of the armed forces.that lie you all continue to push and we wil not stand for your bullshit!you must be lifers because I saw that same BS in the AIr Force"Lt Calley WAS a convicted baby killer" -
US MILITARYWhat? you telling me there are maladjusted alcoholic, drug dealers Vets?
It was 7 million who served in some capacity during the Vietnam war. you cant geven get facts straight!they have no right TO LIEI and others told evenryone who that we were vietnam vets and we got nonegatives!If your friends were ashamed of their war crimes so be it. You gotblinders on!and so afraid of retort that you block us from posting - COWARDS

Since everything here is merely a rant without substance I guess I shouldn't pick on Mr. Nick to hard, but can anyone show me where he would have possibly gotten the number of Vietnam Vets at 7 million? Everything I have seen shows between 2.5 and 3 million. Oh, and remember in my post about Dan Rather and Seymour Hersh I said people like the above Nick always bring up My Lai? Yep, they just can't help themselves. As if this incident allows all Vietnam Vets to be tarred with the criminal actions of a few. They also seem to forget that Lt. Calley was charged and imprisioned. That of course is irrelevent to their world view.

Hope you enjoyed the chuckle of the day! I did.



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