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Sunday, August 29, 2004

About those 527's

In a previous post I noted that Zack Exley, organizer for is now working for the Kerry campaign. Since Kerry and then his supporters whined repeatedly about the Swift Vets for Truth who Kerry alleges are connected to the Bush campaign, I thought it worth the time to note various connections the Kerry campaign has.

While this has been written about in various sources, I think it is time to highlight it even more precisely because despite those connections, Kerry has the balls to complain about a group that has the audacity to do exactly what he and his running mate invited them to do. And the Swifties are being very effective, not only the Swifties, but the various blogs that are now going through Kerry various stories and non events with a fine tooth comb.

So let's start with Zack Exley. Exley is a computer programmer from Massachusetts. He came to fame as the 2000 presidential campaign began. At that time Exley created a website called, which featured doctored photo's of George Bush with what appeared to be cocaine on his upper lip and nose. The site sold bumper stickers with sayings like "GWBush, not a Crackhead anymore." And "GWBush, Born with a silver spoon up his nose" The site featured a cartoon of Bush dancing with a beer bottle in his hand, with the song "Louie, Louie" playing in the background. The Bush campaign of 2000 filed an FEC complaint, which brought the whole thing into the news media. After time the whole hoopla died down and that would have been the end of it, except that Exley became an organizing director of was founded by multi-millionaire California software designers Wes Boyd and Joan Blades. In 1997 they sold their company and formed the next year. The original purpose of moveon was to save Clinton from impeachment. Obviously Clinton was still impeached. Moveon had threatened that if impeachment did take place then the group would continue their activities against those who had moved the process forward. According to the FEC Boyd and Blades formed moveonPAC on Oct, 23 1998. They put in $12,000 and on Oct 26 the group announced a wide ranging effort to defeat Republicans in the November elections. With the 2000 elections moveon targeted some 30 House and Senate races from around the country. All their contributions went to Democratic candidates, approximately 2.4 million dollars according to the FEC.After the election moveon branched out, they became more "issue oriented" and moved to issues such as gun control, campaign finance reform, stopping the war in Iraq and especially defeating George Bush.

They gained great publicity with the last superbowl when CBS refused to run their ad "Child's Pay" CBS stated the ad violated their policy against running issue advocacy advertising. Cries of censorship! filled the air as the group much like Michael Moore, seem to not realize that the constitution provides for freedom of speech, but does not make it your right to be distributed.Over time moveon has become closely linked to Democratic candidates. In 2002, less than a week before voting was held, founder Boyd sent an email to supporters asking them to contribute monies to a long laundry list of House and Senate candidates. Declaring that it was essential to to avoid the reality of right wing domination, "America's worst nightmare".

The group also pushes the "issues". In 2000 the group gave fiscal sponsorship to Proposition 22 in California, a measure that defined marriage as that between a man and a woman. It was their largest "fiscal sponsorship" that year, to the tune of $162,000.In late 2003 it was discovered that moveon had set up websites outside the United States for the explicit purpose of taking foreign donations to help defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 elections. After the controversy over it moveon shut down the websites though did not disclose how much money they had already raised. While it was not strictly illegal for moveon to do this, I doubt if the majority of Americans want their presidential elections influenced with foreign funds.

Next let us take a look at one of the funders of, The Tides Foundation. An internet search of the foundation brings up multiple links. After scrimming a very large amount of articles what jumps out at me is that the Tides Foundation is secretive, and secretive with a purpose. Drummond Pike, who founded Tides in 1976, states to the Chronicle of Philanthropy "Anonymity is very important to most people we work with." No doubt because of the groups that Tides funds. I have no intention of getting into what Teresa Heinz Kerry has funded or not through Tides, but what I would like to note is that the Tides Foundation DOES fund many far left liberal groups, as well as incubate new ones. is not some nonpartisan issue oriented group as it would like mainstream America to believe. The point I would like to make is that Zack Exley worked as an organizing director for moveon, that the group is funded by the Tides Foundation, a group that consistantly funds far left liberal causes and that Zack Exley now works for John Kerry. A much tighter connection for Kerry to a 527 than Bush to the Swifties.

Anyone keeping up with not only the internet, but even mainstream media should be realizing how very important internet connections are to this campaign. Zack Exley certainly does, and it is his job to make it important to the Kerry campaign. Exley has become a seasoned warrior against George Bush and if the Swift Vets are to be castrated over the minor connections they have had with Republican funders, may I ask why Kerry is not receiving the same attention from the Mainstream media?

Though bills itself as nonpartisan, it is anything but. Only those who wish to deliberately close their eyes can swallow such claptrap. I believe it is important to put a very large spotlight on the 527's that push the Democrats issues. Just as Kerry's broadside against the Swifties opened up the debate over not only how he got his medals, but his anti-war activity, his continued pursuing to have Bush denounce that group in particular gives all interested parties a hole big enough to drive a truck through to question Kerry and all his various ties. Just as the blogs have been hammering Kerry on his medals and anti-war activity forcing it into the Pop Media, the blogs need to start looking just as heavily Kerry's connections to the 527's, particularly

It is my belief that most Americans do not fall into the far left liberal catagory. However those that do exert tremendous amounts of influence on the regular hardworking joe American. They do so with disinformation campaigns that don't quite tell the whole story, then get up in arms when someone comes along with the complete picture. When the complete picture is told then the far left liberals scream "smear campaign."

Some will say so what? The liberals have their groups and funds and so do the conservatives. To that I say, yes true. The crux of the matter is that Kerry has made a big damn deal over the Swift Vets with the mainstream media covering Max Cleland attempting to deliver a letter to George Bush in the attempt to make Bush look like a jackass for not denouncing the Swifties specifically when Kerry has more obvious ties to and if Kerry can complain because a donor to the Republican party also donated to the Swifties, than I can complain about the funding of by the Tides Foundation. Tell me how this is so different?

The leftist intellectuals just think that Joe American isn't bright enough to figure it out, so they attempt to handfed us what they believe we will swallow. Without the internet this would be much easier since Pop Media's political leanings are those of the far left.



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