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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Speaking of 1968

1968. The year Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The year Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The year thousands showed up at the Democratic convention to protest, leading to angry confrontations, mass arrests and perhaps even more massive press coverage. Why is this important right now in our history?

It is important because John Kerry has made it important. By highlighting his Vietnam service repeatedly he has invited great scrutiny of his anti-war activity as well. By virtue of inviting this scrutiny he has made this country revisit a past many would prefer not to. By bringing to the forefront a debate that never died, only simmered in the background, he invites all of America to live through those contentious times all over again. By the leftists utilization of language to describe President Bush as a Hilter, a Stalin- the left and their current leader Kerry vitually force us back to 1968.

The radicalism of the election of 2004 began the moment there were contentions over the 2000 election. Cries of "he stole the election" began almost the moment Florida teetered between the candidates. Talking heads were dispersed to the media and George Bush as well as his family were vilified repeatedly, not to mention the talk of throwing out the electoral college. The more far left elements of the democratic party and the leftist groups that associate themselves with the democrats quickly morphed before our eyes into the true radicals they were. The horrid events of 9/11 forced these groups and people to draw back for awhile. But that drawing back lasted but a short time.

By the time the Iraq War commenced the radical left was busy denoucing Bush by drawing a picture of a war for oil, one that was brought on by Bush's wish for revenge for Saddam's attempt at assassinating his father, one in which Halliburten and Dick Cheney were the current military industrial complex.

Over the next year and a half, the shrills from the radicals with Michael Moore and as the vanguard, became that of the shrieking banshee Irish banshee of lore. Doom, doom, doom the banshee screamed over our heads. If, as news pundits and the New York Police Department, are right regarding the protests expected at the upcoming Republican Convention then what happens there is the fault of those far left radicals, not the Bush administration and not the republican party.

From a look through the net it is obvious that many of the groups converging on New York are not intent on public protest. They are intent on public mayhem, and if they can manage to harm a police officer, the same group who rushed to the rescue of those in the World Trade Center, then all the better. What is being planned is not political protest, or a freedom of speech issue. It is political terrorism. Many anti-Bush websites have encouraged those who are going to New York to bring slingshots to attack the horses police officers will be using. Encouraging "protestors" to throw marbles under horses hoofs in the hopes that it will cause the horse to lose it's footing, thereby harming the horse and it's rider. The Ruckus Society is planning massive protests at the Republican Convention. Per FrontPage Magazine, the Kerry campaign has had Zack Exley as Director of Online Communication and Online Organizing since April of this year. Mr. Exley was also trained by and worked as a workshop facilitator for the Ruckus Society. It is worth noting that the Ruckus Society was a major player in the protests in Seattle in 1999, where the anarchists caused millions of dollars in damages. A quick search of google also reveals that Mr. Exley is one of the main organizers behind and Kerry has the audacity to publicly complain that the Swift Vets are linked to the Bush campaign? And why has not mainstream media called Kerry on his hypocrisy? Perhaps for the same reason they have not done so since he entered the public eye in 1971.

The founders of this country were men of the enlightenment. Each in their own ways were highly influenced by the Enlightenment thinkers-David Hume, John Locke and Adam Smith. Also influencing the founders were Voltaire and Rousseau from France. The founding fathers of this country were able to use the thoughts of these philosophers to create the Declaration of Independence and our constitution. It took years for them to get there though, something I think many people forget in an age that finds more Americans demanding instant results from any government action. Now it is reasonable to ask just what the Enlightenment has to do with the election of 2004, and the actions of protestors of 1968.

I cite the Enlightenment now because the radicals of 1968 and the radicals of 2004 are the offspring of the radicals that created the Terror in France, led by Robespierre. While the founder's of this country rejected the more radical elements of the enlightenment, much of it from Rousseau, Robespierre embraced it. The Terror that came out of the French Revolution was certainly not what Thomas Jefferson had envisioned when he initially supported that Revolution.

The Enlightenment spawned two different world views. One that lead to the Republic that the founders of this country shaped, as well later many other countries that were initially colonies of Mother England. The other is the view that created the French Terror, the Bolshviks and later Communism.
"What we learn from the study of the Great [French] Revolution is that it was the source of all the present communist, anarchist and socialist conceptions."Prince Petr KropotkinRussian naturalist, author and soldierwriting in 1909 on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution

One side of the Enlightenment brought us social justice, with the ultimate power resting in the hands of the people. The Constitution that enshrines that thought process into law was the result of much compromise by the crafters. A pragmatic view if you will. The other side of the Enlightenment brought social control, with power resting in the words of Robespierre, "A sovereign" to force people to be free. And if political terror was necessary to achieve that goal than terror it would be.
"Terror is naught but prompt, severe, inflexible justice; it is therefore an emanation of virtue; it is less a particular principle than a consequence of the general principle of democracy applied to the most pressing needs of the fatherland."Maximillien Marie Isidore de RobespierreAddress, National Convention, 1794

Modern day communism, largely debunked today, was not in 1968. The north Vietnamese were and still are communists, the intellectual inheritors of the French Reign of Terror, as all communists are. The protestors of 1968, and the continued protests through the early 70's sympathized with those who used the very same tactics that Robespierre utilized. Mass Terror. It was under the flag of North Vietnam that John Kerry marched, it was under the shadow of that flag that all of his anti-war activities took place, including his slander of all Vietnam Vets, as well as the slandering of the overall military.

John Kerry is the intellectual descendent of the side of the Enlightenment that brought the concept of social control, social engineering also known as socialism to the world. In service to a Utopia that can never exist those that have followed this path have been as benign as the anarchists that fought the police in Chicago in 1968, the anarchists that smashed windows and burned vehicles in Seattle in 1999, and the potential anarchists that plan on demonstrating in New York City 2004. It should not need to be said I am using benign tongue in cheek. Of course taken to an extreme, which some will inevitably do, the descendents of Rousseau and Robespierre brought us the mass murderers of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

Do I think that John Kerry is a communist. No. However I do believe he has willingly associated himself with those that are, and that he slandered many millions of good men to as he cozied up to communists. That even today he is unwilling to acknowledge that those same people he supported against his own and against his country, mass murdered in classic communist style thousands upon thousands as soon as they occupied South Vietnam. Something that many warned would happen, but that Kerry believed would not. Is there even a whisper of apology for being so wrong? A whisper of apology that he defamed and debased the United States military, as well as the country that had nutured him?

I don't expect the New York protestors to set up a guillotine, but I do expect a replay of 1968, if nothing else it will be in spirit. The ghosts of those times are already floating around our heads, brought to you courtesy of John Kerry and the democratic party. As Grandma used to say, if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.



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