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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Michael Moore-Idiot Extraordinare

Popped over to Micky Moore's site to see what the ole faker had to say today. Amazingly, exactly what I thought he would!

In his just in section. Iraqi's start voting, attacks in two cities. The other? Violence rages on Eve of Iraq vote; 17 killed.

Instead of being able to praise and rejoice that Iraqi citizens are defying risks to their lives and the lives of their children, Michael Moore collaborator, piously wants the other moonbats with tinfoil hats to know that people are dying. Oh the angst of it all, people are actually wanting to have a say in their lives so much that they are willing to die for it. For people like Moore, the man who threatens "For the last time, we warn that tomorrow will be bloody for the Christians and Jews and their mercenaries and whoever takes part in the (election) game of America and Allawi," is the "Minutemen" not the Iraqi people.

Zarqawi calls the election a "game" and on Moore's site there is a picture of Saddam Hussain and the the words, Out through the door, in through the window. Moore sees the election as a game too. Of course that should not surprise us, he has proven himself to be not only an idiot but a collaborator of the enemy as he dupes gullible people throughout the world that what he believes has an validity at all.

Personally, I hope Moore keeps it up. Just like I hope Ted Kennedy keeps up his demented ravings. That way the American people are able to see what the Democratic party actually has become in ways that previous did not show. I know for a number of years I identified myself as a Democrat, I imagine I never will again. Everything changed after 9/11. Absolutely everything. All bets were off as the liberals went into high gear not only in collaboration with the enemy, but against the beliefs of a majority of Americans.

The Democratic party has proven to me not only are they unwilling and unable to see the threat to this country and the world, but they are also unwilling and unable to believe that there is any kind of common morality or even manners that should exist in society. The party papered over their crackups after the Age of Aquarius, but those cracks and the crackpots came apart in full force after 9/11.

At one point in time I thought that had the Democrats put up what I considered a viable candidate for election I could have voted for that person. But I was deluding myself. The Democrats that are running the party are unable and perhaps unwilling, to bring into their party any candidate that has reason or viability. As they decide who will head the DNC and it appears Howard Dean will be the winner, it is apparent to Americans like me that the party is not simply headed to the abyss, they are already there.

Democrats not racist? Think again. It is not they who have promoted people who are where they are because they are capable and bright with no regard to skin color, that has been the Republicans. The Democrats instead are doling out what is essentially a theme that keeps blacks on the plantation and hispanics unable to assimilate into society.

I have come to fully believe that if the Democrats ever gain real power again in the next ten years or more the damage that will be done to this country will take another 40 years to overcome just like the damage they did to this country in the Age of Aquarius. We are just now coming out of that. We must continue on.



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