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Monday, November 01, 2004

For the First Time in My Adult Life

I will be voting a straight Republican ticket. I have always been that swing voter the media talks about, but this time around and maybe for a very long time the democrats have lost me.

John Kerry is the epitomy of everything about the democratic party I despise. The navel gazing, old hippy. The inability to put what is necessary for the country above own personal wants. He is the epitomy of the part of the generation that is selfish, that see those who believe in Christianity and those values as little more than deluded idiots. The part of a generation who couldn't simply change what needed to be changed, but felt it necessary to attempt to bring down everything good along with it. The epitomy of the part of America who sincerely believe the foundering fathers really are just dead white guys. The epitomy of those who think displaying the flag is akin to believing in colonalism. The epitomy of the generation who rioted and smashed institutions in their drive to right wrongs, unable to see the complete damage they were doing to the things that were good and right about this country, and those who never came out of those times. He is part of the country who put forward and still believe that everyone is a victim somehow, unless your white and male. And particularly if your white and male and Christian. The generation who brought us the idea that everything can and should be fixed by the Federal Government, and esque the idea of personal responsiblity.

I can't think of a worse candidate for President, and even more so at this particular juncture in our history. He is everything that I despise about the 60's era, and I don't mean just the 60's itself, but that era that encompasses the riots, the "peace in's" and teach in's and feel good bullshit. The era that brought such turbulance to this country that we are still dealing with the aftershocks today. The radical left still lives, and what a shame that is.

I won't belabor my point further, I just know that if this is the best the democratic party can give us, I will not vote for one democrat this year and likely will not for years if ever.



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