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Friday, October 29, 2004

No Mourning for Mainstream

A new wonderful poem from Russ Vaughn.

No Mourning for Mainstream

Ah, once so grand you owned this land,
With your wisdom you did ply us,
Until old dears this election year,
You at last unmasked your bias.
Yes, once were you our only view,
No challenge did you face.
You had your say and called the play,
‘Til the Blogs got in the race.

We’d like to see fair honesty
But our breath now we’re not holding
Because we know how really low
Are the odds of that unfolding
So what is left when we’re bereft
Of hearing truth from you?
We’ll place our bet on the Bloggers’ net
To let the truth come through.

That pajama’d host really wants to roast
Your assets that’s for certain.
To debunk the myth of your monolith,
On your act to drop the curtain.
Alas old dears, you’re done we fear,
Your dynasties doomed to tatters,
And ‘tween the coasts your opinions toast,
About anything that matters.

Russ Vaughn


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